Hi. I’m Stu and I help people grow their businesses.

I’m an honest, nice, and straightforward guy. I’m lucky enough to have bases in the north of England and the south of France, and I travel back and forth on a regular basis.

If I’m on your team, you’ll immediately see that I’m genuinely interested, committed, passionate and 100% focused on helping you succeed.

That said, I’m not a robot that just churns out game-changing strategies and copy and content – I need to work with people that are energetic and passionate about their businesses and they want to be, or already are, very successful.

If that sounds a bit like you, please read on…

My secret to success?
It’s very simple in my book:

1. Most businesses are what I call commodity-type businesses.
2. They don’t succeed because they aren’t that different to the competition.
3. I give them a differentiated, game-changing strategy that is different.
4. I then talk to their ideal customers with strategically-focused copy and content.
5. They then have the tools, the strategy and the clear point of difference to grow and succeed.

As I said, I keep things simple but very effective.

This way of thinking has helped double and sometimes triple the turnover of businesses such as Brightlines, RAW, and Mindtools. I’ve even helped Suzuki and Adidas grow their sales too.

Get in touch
If you’d like to discuss working together, or you’d like to find out more about my approach as a strategist, copywriter, and content writer, please get in touch.