Hi there, my name is Stuart Wood.

I help my clients become more successful.

I do this by thinking differently about strategy.

I do what I do because I know, from painful experience, that building a website without a clear strategy, a meticulous plan, and the copywriting and content created up front, can become an absolute nightmare for business owners.

More often than not, websites are created first, and the content is shoehorned in afterwards. The web designer will do the design and build and then ask for the copy, images, and videos.

After all, they have led the process and in their way of thinking (they might be technically minded or creatively minded) the content always comes last.

But, if a website is a container of content (website copywriting, content writing, images, and videos), as a glass is a container of water, wine, beer or juice, surely we should decide what content we need before we decide on the container? Only then can we build a website to contain that content? Right?

Think about it, would you choose the type of glass first, before deciding on what you were going to put in the glass? It would be ridiculous right? To drink wine from a beer glass or beer from a wine glass?

This is what happens when you choose the container first and the content that’s going into that container second.

It all gets a bit messy and it can get ridiculous. But whilst you can easily change the glass to contain your beer, wine, or juice, it’s not so easy to change your website once it’s built.

I’ve seen businesses nearly fail because their new website took so long to build!

Because building websites first doesn’t work if you want to present a differentiated strategy to the world. Many clients have been through this process with web designers prior to working with me and they have said that when they started creating the content they started to realise that the website that had already been built was not fit for their purpose. And so they had to make a choice which meant increasing costs dramatically for the website development whilst meeting the costs of creating all the content which they hadn’t budgeted for, or going with the website already built for them.

What’s a business owner to do in this situation?

Carry on with a project knowing that it is not going to present their business in the most powerful way or start funding a more expensive development that they hadn’t budgeted for?

All the while the business isn’t moving forward, new sales aren’t coming in and the website design project inevitably gets put on hold. This can lead to truly traumatic times for business owners.

So, I choose my drink before I choose the glass to contain my drink.

I also choose to devise the strategy, map out the plan, and create the content up front, before I choose the website. It’s then easy to execute.

Because these are the things that will differentiate your business against your competitors. These are the things that will engage, inspire, and motivate your ideal customers to buy from you. And, in an overcommunicated world, where people are bombarded with thousands of the same old messages each day, it’s never been more important for you to stand out from the crowd.

I think I’m in a minority here, because I wholeheartedly believe that this is the best way to build a powerful brand online. If you believe what I believe, please get in touch and working together we’ll take your business to the next level.

Your next step…
Anyway, please feel free to delve deeper into my website. Look at my mission, my qualifications and the sort of clients I want to work with. Also, please take a look at what clients I have worked with in the past and the results I’ve helped them achieve.

If you like what you see, and believe that I could help you create a different strategy that helps your business take that next big step forward, please feel free to get in touch.