So what qualifications do I have to drive the success and growth that you desire?

Well, since the dawn of the web in the mid-1990s, I’ve helped thousands of businesses develop, grow, and succeed online. This has involved helping a number of very well-known brands too, but my heart and soul is actually in helping transform small- and medium-sized businesses so that they can make their next big leap forward.

Knowing how to transform businesses, so that they can achieve that next big step forward in success and growth, is probably my greatest qualification.

Strategy and Communications
On the strategic and communications front, I hold two business degrees (BA and MSc) so I am well versed in the fundamental mechanics of business strategy, integrated strategic communications, strategic marketing and strategic planning.

Superior Online Experiences
Keen to understand exactly how to execute a given strategy online, some years ago I discovered Jakob Nielsen (The founding father of website usability). Jakob and his associates trained me in information architecture, website usability, user experience, motivational psychology in website design, website planning, and website copywriting.

Hence, I have a weird fusion of knowledge from different disciplines that means I have the skills to ensure a strategy is executed properly online as quickly and as cost-effectively as possible.

You’re next step…
If you believe that I can help transform your business by creating and executing a different strategy, please get in touch.