Brightlines is a translation agency based in Wiltshire. The Brightlines story began in 1999 when founders Josian Phillips and Neil Gauld got together with a shared vision to build one of the best translation agencies in the UK.

In a saturated sector that was in danger of commoditization with competitors all saying the same kinds of things, it was clear that significant challenges lay ahead for Brightlines if things didn’t change.

The introduction of free translation products, such as Google translate, compounded the problem, putting the business at risk of little perceived value by target audiences.

Brightlines + Stuart Wood = Homepage (Before)

A simple, brochureware website (above), albeit with an award-winning logo, had little brand substance in terms of strategy and positioning, and provided a very basic online brand experience. With an annual turnover fluctuating around the £200,000 mark, I was hired to develop a different strategy to substantially increase this turnover and solve these problems.

As part of the strategy phase, I conducted forensic research into a range of direct and indirect competitors. In addition to delving deep into the business and its goals, heritage and values, I carried out psychological profiling of target audiences and put myself in their shoes. During this work, it struck me that the competition had not identified that trust was a key psychological trigger for all new customers; how would they ever know if something was translated properly or not?

Armed with these insights, I developed a new positioning strategy focused on embedding belief and the corresponding trust in the brand. The core messaging design work followed, and Brands Trust Brightlines Translation was born. This work informed the communications strategy and key messaging across the brand. I then created the sitemap and wireframes and wrote over 30,000 words of copywriting. I then wrote the website brief and provided creative direction to the chosen website design agency.

Brightlines’ positioning is now celebrated as being ‘the full-service translation agency that is trusted by many of the world’s leading brands’. This powerful positioning actually re-positioned the competition as not being trusted. Following the deployment of the new strategy, Brightlines achieved substantial growth. In addition, Brightlines achieved its broader goal of gaining a competitive advantage over a core group of direct competitors. Annual turnover increased from £200,000 to over £1 million within 18 months of the new website launching.

What they say?
“Stuart helped us re-position our brand with a sophisticated positioning and communications strategy.

His positioning strategy and work on the website planning and copywriting literally transformed our website into a compelling brand experience.

Since launch, we have more than quadrupled sales and opened offices in London and New York. We now have a great platform for our business to grow even further.

I can’t recommend Stuart highly enough.”

Josian Phillips, Director

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