Holistic Community Care, based in London, has cared for more than 8,000 people over the last 20 years. The reason for its success and its continued growth is its ethos. This ethos drives everything. It means that Holistic Community Care goes further. With its kind-hearted, sensitive, holistic approach, Holistic Community Care is totally committed to delivering the best quality of life possible for the people entrusted to its care.

The problem facing Holistic Community Care was how to gain a competitive advantage and represent the brand in the most powerful light, and attend to the needs, wants and fears of target audiences and stakeholders. I was hired to help solve these problems and devise a new strategy.

Understanding the hearts and minds of the board of directors and the employees was the first job. Following this, I conducted research into the competitive landscape and the needs of target audiences and stakeholders. I was keen to put myself in the shoes of the most important stakeholders, the people entrusted to Holistic’s care, so I became part of the care team for a day, visiting the people that relied on Holistic. During these visits, it became clear to me that the management and the care workers provided much more than care; they gave genuine human compassion, kindness and friendship to some of the most vulnerable people in society. Hence, the winning strategy became quite simple and We Care About People was created.

During website planning I created the sitemap and wireframes in concert with communication strategy and messaging design. This work helped during the copywriting phase, guiding the creation of nearly 9,000 words of copywriting, which was successfully deployed across the new website. Since the launch of the website, Holistic Community Care has grown in London and beyond, with new offices and expansion into new boroughs.

What they say?
“I initially undertook a “beauty parade” of several different copywriters and found that Stuart Wood was the most impressive of the group.

I am happy to say that my initial impression was not misplaced; from the very outset, he took the time and trouble to understand exactly what we wanted and who we are, even to the extent of meeting some of our existing clients, to see how they saw us.

Stuart then worked to schedule and produce ideas that completely encapsulated what we wanted from our website, whilst doing so in a way that we, as a non-technical management team, would never have been able to do on our own. The final stage of Stuart’s work for us saw him overseeing the efforts of the web designer (Stuart wrote the web-design tender document and administered the process), making sure that he (the designer) stayed on message and true to the ideas that Stuart and I wanted.

Overall, the process was a successful one and I am happy to say that, in my view, Stuart is a consummate professional. You will be in safe hands if you retain his services.”

Mark Afeeva, Director, Holistic Community Care

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