IAPO is committed to promoting patient-centred healthcare from its headquarters in London. IAPO does this by being the global voice for people that suffer from any disease, disability, illness, impairment or syndrome, and by being the focal point for patients’ organisations around the world.

With an outdated, difficult to navigate website that had outgrown its capacity and design, the problem was defining exactly what content would help IAPO and its stakeholders in the future, and how that content should be presented on a new website. I was asked to solve these problems by defining a new strategy.

Listening carefully to the chief executive, operations director and partnerships manager, I gained in-depth insight into the organisation and its values. Extensive research into similar organisations and a selection of charities followed, and a stakeholder review helped prioritise core stakeholders. This, in turn, informed the development of psychological profiles (personas) to represent the needs of all stakeholders. These profiles helped the board make decisions on the content that needed repurposing (from the thousands of pages on the old site), while listing new content requirements. I created a new sitemap and a full set of wireframes. I also produced a 12-month communications calendar, itemising all known events and tactics. I then started the copywriting phase and wrote and rewrote 9,000 words for use across a range of tactics, including the website. Keen to help cement the brand name, I purchased the domain name iapo.org.uk and advised that this be used instead of patientsorganizations.org.

The initial budget for the redevelopment of the website was £75,000. Following my work of first defining a winning strategy, and establishing exact requirements, I recommended a website build budget of £10,000. This budget was agreed and, following the selection of a new agency, the website launched successfully, saving IAPO £65,000 against its estimated budget. A prime example of why the website planning is so important.

What they say?
“We worked with Stuart to redevelop our online communications, including a new website and he has really helped us in focusing our communications and in reflecting on the language we use. Prior to this work our website was very formal and text heavy and we worked with Stuart to develop new copy and communications tools so that moving forward we can communicate clearly to our members and other stakeholders in health.

This work was extremely valuable when it came to the design of the new website as the copywriting and communications strategy work had already been done.

Stuart has also given us key resources in order to move forwards with our online communications, ensuring that this can constantly evolve.”

Rebecca Johnson, Partnerships Manager

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