Suzuki is a Japanese multinational corporation operating in over 180 countries. Founded in 1909 by Michio Suzuki, it became incorporated in 1920. Since then, it has given the world a range of machines, from looms to motorbikes and cars.

The main problem facing Suzuki was that the website was built in FLASH. The website had been in place for almost 10 years and, despite various additions and updates, it had become difficult to navigate. The user experience was poor, and the communications didn’t come across well. I was asked to help solve these problems, define a new strategy for the website and conduct meticulous website planning to transform the user experience for target audiences. The goal? To improve the customer to such an extent that Suzuki could increase turnover and grow its market share in the UK.

A pre-planning advisory and budgetary planning phase commenced 12 months before the main development started. The website planning phase involved forensic research into Suzuki’s competitors and its target audiences. I created psychological profiles (personas) of each core group and used this to guide my emotional and psychological thinking. As competitors such as Ford, Fiat and Hyundai seemed to use quite complicated navigation systems, I was eager to help Suzuki’s customers get to where they needed to go effortlessly, so my strategy for the new website was based on delivering an emotionally intelligent and frictionless experience.

Following this strategic work, which complemented Suzuki’s values and communication goals , I designed a new sitemap and a full set of wireframes. Following user journey analysis, testing and creative discussions with the design team, the website went into full production.

The new website has proved to be a significant step forward for Suzuki.

The UK has gone from being Suzuki’s fourth largest market in Europe to its largest market. Suzuki enjoyed a 33% growth in car registrations, hitting 33,000 units, with a 0.3% growth in market share. Turnover, which was in decline prior to the launch of the new website, has risen from £253 million to more than £366 million.

What they say?
“Stuart has a great understanding of strategy, information architecture, and copywriting, hence he was the natural choice for helping to drive forward the new Suzuki car website.

The pre-planning, budgetary advice he gave was invaluable and the information architecture he created was a great step forward for Suzuki.

I have no hesitation in recommending him.”

Chris Reid, Project Manager
(Chris is now at

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