Different Strategy?

Different strategy. Different future. Different results.

A differentiation strategy is essential if you want to stand out from the crowd and grow your business.

Clients often ask me how do we:

• ‘beat the competition?’
• ‘become more successful and secure?
• ‘win when surrounded by competitors with similar offerings?’

Answering these questions is what I love doing, I’m best at doing, and what I’ve been doing since the dawn of the web. If we work together, you’ll find me a very honest, genuine, and kind person that will become as passionate and excited about growing your business as you are.

Three steps to a different strategy
When I look at creating a different strategy, I look at three core elements:

1. Strategy
Finding a winning, differentiation strategy is essential if you want to grow your business. A different strategy will provide direction for everything else that follows so before building, designing, or developing a website, we need to figure out how we are going to win first.

2. Planning
Whilst a different strategy provides clear direction of where we are heading and why, we need a plan to get us from here to there. Planning involves creating a content, website, and marketing plan that’s anchored to our differentiation strategy.

3. Execution
With a winning differentiation strategy and a clear plan, it’s now time to execute. Copywriting, content, and visual assets can all be created now. Safe in the knowledge that everything we are doing is aligned to our differentiation strategy and our plan of action.

Feel free to delve deeper into these phases with the links at the bottom of the page.

A different strategy you’ll be delighted with
It’s my goal to define exactly what it takes to win during these phases of work. Once a phase of work is completed, I will present my thoughts to you and only if you are delighted do we move to the next phase. Once all phases are complete, we can then brief your chosen website design agency with a clear plan of action for them to implement.

A different strategy requires a different way of thinking
That includes you being open to different ideas too. I often find that clients have spent years copying various competitors that they felt were superior to them, with the rationale that ‘If it is good enough for them, it will be good enough for us’. Whilst I do understand why people copy competitors, it truly is wrongheaded thinking. The second you launch your newly copied website, you’ll find that you have simply created an experience and brand that has absolutely no distinguishing features whatsoever. What’s the point in that?

Prefer to follow the herd?
If you don’t want a different strategy, continue following the herd. Just remember, in an overcommunicated world, where people are bombarded with the same sorts of mindless messaging every day, the brave and the bold stand out and prosper. The meek and the unimaginative sadly get lost in all the noise.

Your most important business assets?
Your brand and your website are probably your most important business assets, so let’s look at presenting the best version of you to attract, retain and grow your ideal customers. If your website and brand are not important business assets, then you certainly don’t need me.

Your next step…
If you have identified that you need to do things differently to achieve the growth you desire in an overcommunicated world, and you feel that I could be instrumental in helping to achieve that outcome with a different strategy, please get in touch.