With our winning strategy and plan of action in place, it’s time to start creating the copywriting and content for your brand, your website, and your marketing.

This work involves creating content for your:

1. Brand
Creating the core brand copy first, before any real design or build work, is the best way to approach things. Remember, this copy will influence any design work.

2. Website
Likewise, before the website is built, the website content needs creating. Any final tweaks or issues can be resolved during this content creation phase.

3. Marketing
Getting a head start on a selection of marketing content is always wise at this stage. Think funnels, ebooks, newsletters, automated content, and advertising content.

Playing to win
Creating the content first, before costly web development and design work, really is the way to win here. Once the content is created, I can provide creative direction, project management and support throughout the website build phase. On completion, we can then start playing to win the right customers for your business!

Your next step…
If it’s time you had a different strategy, please get in touch.