As your strategist, I’m interested in answering one question – How can we win?

That’s all I’m interested in doing…

That’s all you should be interested in hearing!

There are different kinds of strategists of course
I’m not one of those strategists that gets all wrapped up in theory and complicated language. I keep things simple. Simple, but highly effective.

How to Win?

If you hire me as your strategist, I will focus on devising a how-to-win strategy.

Creating a how-to-win strategy involves looking at three core areas:

1. Company
I’ll look at your history, your successes, your failures, your story. I’ll look at what inspired you to start your company and how you stack up against your competitors.

2. Customers
I’ll delve into the minds of your customers. Your ideal customers, and those that just buy once. I’ll then delve deeper into the minds of the customers we should target.

3. Competitors
When I conduct a competitor review, I look at aspirational, comparable, and inferior competitors. Because you can gain great insights from looking at different kinds of competitors.

3 steps, one goal
As I said, I keep strategy simple. My 3Cs work will give me the knowledge I need to create a winning strategy. This will cover your positioning, your customer acquisition, your competitive advantage, and it will list exactly what types of copywriting and content you need to grow your business.

This strategic approach has helped double and sometimes triple the turnover of businesses such as Brightlines, RAW, and Mindtools.

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